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To re-invent communication through a trusted platform for social, leisure and travel, and business discovery. We created a platform for our travel community to experience what it is like to feel like a local at all times.

Our Team

Amir Benesh

chief executive officer

Amir Benesh founded LVH Global. It is the luxury home industry leader with a jet and yacht division for the ultra high-end 15,000 billionaires and millionaires. He accesses over 7000 luxury properties in 159 countries, supported by 2000+ ambassadors.

Daniel Saito

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel was behind the MySQL database exit to Sun MicroSystems for $1B+. He also architected SEGA.NET, the first peer to peer gaming ISP on the SEGA Dreamcast. It is his desire to launch a gaming studio. He launched 2 satellites for Murdoch of NewsCorp and contributed to security/encryption and MPEG4 on 4G mobile; thus becoming an opinion leader in video compression, security and encryption. Separately he structured global nodes for THETA, SETI, and  Folding@home, while working for Fortune 100 companies the last 20+ years. Today he resides in Tokyo.

Eliza Hayashi

chief marketing officer

Eliza worked as a program manager at MasterCard in charge of loyalty (Japan/ China/ Australia) and as a marketing manager in charge of sponsorship and digital marketing. At JCB, a top 1 market share credit card company in Japan, she did business development for the Japan market (B2B, B2C) and overseas (North America and the Middle East – B2B).

Vera Futorjanski

Committee Chair

Vera was recently director of innovation for VC 500 Startups in the Middle East and Russia. She had been with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Dubai Future Foundation as head of global communications and prior she ran global communication with Rocket Internet Berlin. Today she serves as a Global Ambassador for Vital Voices, a Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright NGO for women leaders and advises WEF. Vera completed her MSc at the London School of Economics and is fluent in five languages.

Natalia Sokolova

Director Investor Relations

Natalia brings over 15 years of entrepreneur and esport experience. She is a second generation Single Family Office. Her family office was founded in early 90s, with a primary focus in Oil & Gas in Europe and Russia.

Powered by the Team

Charles Colin


Colin Charles is a Consultant at Codership, the makers of Galera Cluster. Previously, Colin was on the founding team of MariaDB Server, and has been around the MySQL ecosystem including being an early employee at MySQL, and worked actively on the Fedora and projects. Colin has been a MySQL user since 2000.

Carmen Campo


As LDJ Capital Director for Corporate Communications and Media Operations for almost 10 years, Carmen worked with over 300+blockchain companies and clients. She has worked for and with global brands like Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intertek, Levi's, Marks&Spencer, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Disney, McDonald's, Forbes, Wall Street Journal.

StrongNode Advisors

Craig Sellars


Craig Sellars leads the development of global blockchain innovations as the inventor of the stablecoin, the digital US dollar on top of the Bitcoin blockchain as a founder of Tether, the world’s most broadly traded cryptocurrency (now acting as an informal advisor since his departure in 2016).

Rika Nakazawa


Rika spent two decades in senior executive roles on strategy and marketing with Fortune 500 companies – NVIDIA, Sony, Accenture, American Express, and is the CEO and Founder of BoardSeatMeet, Inc. a Silicon Valley, social impact venture, focusing on diversifying the board room

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